Sunday, March 15, 2020

buy custom The Research Design essay

buy custom The Research Design essay Exploratory Research This research method is used when the research problem is badly understood. The variables of the problem are not known and it is the lack of this knowledge to the researcher which makes it difficult for the researcher to conduct his research. Exploratory research explores the parameters of the problems in order to identify what should be measured and how best to undertake a study. According to Robson, 2002 exploratory study is a valuable means of finding out what is happening; to seek new insights; to ask questions and to assess phenomena in a new light (Saunders, Lewis Thornhill, 2007). This type of research helps to develop a clear formulation of the scope and nature of the research problem. At early stages of decision-making process, exploratory research is used to obtain a preliminary investigation of the situation with a minimum expenditure of time and money. Descriptive Research The object of descriptive research is to portray an accurate profile of persons, events or situations (Saunders, Lewis Thornhill, 2007). This research method is used when the problem is structured and well understood. Under descriptive research the researcher is aware of one of the variables of the problem which makes it eaier for him to solve the problem. The researcher is aware of the goal to be achieved which gives him a certain direction to conduct the research. For example: a television soap wants to find out about its popularity among children. The problem here is clear and the goal is also known. Causal Research Under causal research the problems are also well structured. However in contrast to the case in the descriptive research, the researcher is also confronted with cause-and-effectproblems. The main tasks in such research are to isolate cause(s), and tell whether and to what extent cause(s)result(s) in effect(s) (Ghauri Gronhaug, 2002). From the analysis, we have found that the research performed by Tuner, C Lamond was exploratory but causal in nature because it seeks to identify the cause and effect relationship of the stance of social sciences on the evaluation and discussion. The study has focused only on one purpose which we have identified above but quite broad in nature. Now, the next section which we have analyzed is the providence of the theoretical framework and background in the study. Yes! The researcher has provided a great framework and background study to evident their analysis. Theoretical framework and background is use too present a clear and broad picture to the reader for their digestion of the pin concept rose in the research, and Turner did the same in a proficient manner. The literature review presented in this research was also ample to describe each and every thing in an impeccable manner, which has been referred as the backbone for any research, Turner did a great job to accumulate and incor porate sufficient data for his analysis. The main research question hypothesized in that research is mentioned below, H1: There is no strong relationship between the social sciences research and the preponderance of the effective and target oriented evaluation. HA: There is a strong relationship between the social sciences research and the preponderance of the effective and target oriented evaluation. In order to excrete out the true result, the sample questionnaire has no question which asks the name and address of the respondent. The researcher keeps the identity of the people anonyms to mitigate the dilemma of biasness from the research. No personal data was collected except some demographic such as age, education, status and tenure. In this study, the respondent has been selected accordance with their status and designation like managers, subordinates and supervisors. Buy custom The Research Design essay

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