Thursday, February 27, 2020

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

Leadership - Essay Example After the managers of companies expose what values they believe in, they will become objects of derision if they fail to live up to their own expectations. However, when they lead by example, they effectively influence the activities of others. Competence is highly associated with wisdom in making tough decisions when executing an activity to achieve set objectives (Conyers, 2010). Competent leaders are imaginative people who use their practical knowledge to oversee the execution of guidelines and policies. Inspirational leaders are those who believe that their workers have as many talents as themselves. Companies can only achieve their objectives if they allow their employees to have a turn at participating in decision making policies. This means that all workers in companies have to be judged fairly and given the same opportunities to participate in fulfilling organizational objectives as are extended to the company leaders. A good leader will refrain from showing that he has favou rites among his company’s personnel; even if he does (Hybels, 2008). A good leader will use personal character and the ability to complete tasks to determine the workers who should be promoted. Intelligence and Communication A person has to exhibit self-discipline as well as self-awareness in order to be perceived as being intelligent. A good worker will also portray a calm attitude when faced with considerable challenges and show a readiness to cooperate with others in order to accomplish organizational objectives even when there are other personal issues that he or she is dealing with (Conyers, 2010). A good worker, and, therefore, potential leader, should also be in possession of good communication skills that allow him to be able to communicate successfully with high ranking managers as well as subordinates. For communication to transpire there has to be a message, channel, sender, and receiver. Any interpretations of the messages and feedback given depend largely on how the receiver understands the message. The receiver can also be the sender at some point (Yan and Hunt, 2005). There are essential qualities that every leader should have. Some of these include personal integrity, inspiration or motivation and good communication skills. Understanding the acknowledged and unacknowledged regulations and boundaries aids leaders in perceiving the expectations of their societies. Keeping an open mind permits the consideration of the diverse viewpoints that are presented. The importance of honouring one’s commitments cannot be understated. This will enhance one’s associations with other people. People who will be attracted to following any one leader will want to trust that he has the skills they yearn to emulate. The Role of Personal Integrity Personal integrity is, of necessity, one of the traits that make a good leader. This trait, however, is rarely found in today’s business setting. There have been many recent reports on how moral failings have resulted in the resignation of more than one corporate leader. Many times, men and women who are elected into positions of business leadership believe that they can be able to withstand all temptations. However, in making such assumptions, they blind themselves to the possibility that they are deceiving themselves. Most business leaders never set out to intentionally commit fraud or sexually harass their

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